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A+ Player Lounge Chair


The B. Pila Design duo is about freedom. The brand encourages freedom to explore, to be yourself, to use spaces however the heart desires, and freedom from rigid movements and strict interpretations.

From their beginnings as a design studio, Bea and Gabby Pila, mother and daughter, evolved B Pila into fabricating their singular designs and publishing “Sacred Spaces for Inspired Living”, a book espousing their original design philosophy.

B Pila’s line of furniture and accessories is fully realized as fun luxury, fitting in neatly with their ethos of boundless ideas and unbridled creativity. Their bespoke furnishings reinterpret classic ideas and feature pleasantly unexpected combinations of materials and textures, all while displaying an effortless whimsy.

Danne Semeraro of Sempli


Sempli Monti Beer Set
Danne Semeraro of Sempli, born and raised Sweden, studied Interior and Industrial Design in Italy. While living in Florence, Semearro conceived of the ingenious, playful Cupa design.

As the creator of Sempli, he fuses the spirit of both Sweden and Italy: modern functionality and classical elegance. While experiencing wine, oxygenation via the glass makes a positive impact on flavor. Functionality informs the natural motion apparent in the Cupa and Vaso designs.

A sense of fluidity imbues Sempli glassware, as expert glass blowers craft each item. All are made using the highest quality lead-free crystal.

Van Collier

Van Collier

Van CollierFounded in 1995 by Beth van Dorp Collier and Chris Collier, vanCollier creates stunning designs with wide-ranging influences. Collections are rooted in a sense of place in their studied nods to the Far East, the American South, Art Nouveau, and beyond.

The couple draws on a rich knowledge of art history and antiques while finding inspiration in natural forms. By successfully melding classical details with contemporary sensibilities, vanCollier have an intrinsic elegance.

VanCollier carries distinctive North Carolina energy in their collections. The team works with local artists and artisans. Particular pendant lights and tables use tobacco sticks from old barns. Tayloe Hospital, a Georgian era building dating back to 1907, serves as their lovingly restored home base and workshop for their inspired art decor.

Studio image by Patricia Lyons Photography.