Introducing The ReCycler

Up-Cycled Occasional Lounge Chair

The Recycler is a handcrafted collection of furniture and novelty pieces. Fixtures are created and designed in Ontario, Canada by Gilbert Vanden. The ReCycler is one of our dearest collections because it adds exclusive character to any room. All items will surely be a conversation starter. Guests will question you about the unique designs and you’ll have free range to boast about the story behind your fabulous home decor.


Perfect for the kitchen or a covered patio, the Bistro Bar Table is composed of chrome bike rims and sprockets. It can be paired with the black or red Re-Cycling Bar Stool. We love its front fork legs and the seat, which is made of stretched out tires providing style and comfort.

 Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 5.12.42 PMLet’s talk about the precise engineering of the Bespoke Ottoman Table. Powder coated steel

rims form the oblong shape. The cover and storage compartment are hand woven with stretched bicycle inner tubes. This will serve as a fun ottoman or a funky coffee table.







The UpCycled Dining Table is a great addition to a game room or contemporary kitchen. The rims inside the tempered glass top seem like they’re always spinning. All tables are powder-coated to give it a beautifully sealed finish to prevent damage.



The Recycler Tread Bench is ready to weather the storm. This trail blazing accent piece works well on the front porch, in the backyard, or in the home. Heavy tires are stretched across the frame of bike rims to create the seating. Do not worry, the tires are extremely comfortable and sturdy. If choosing to use this bench outdoors, the powder coated silver finish must be maintained to preserve its look.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 5.04.54 PMThe exquisite attention to detail on the Gearantula Spider and Scorpion Scorvelo desk sculptures are amazing. A bike chain and flattened bike frame create the shape of the scorpion. The spider has a wheel hub for a body and bike chains for the legs. These sculptures aren’t going to walk around and scare you, but they are an astonishing sight to behold. A great addition for excitement and shock value to any surface, which is the favorite for your desk?

Last but not least, a popular seller for obvious reasons, the Up-Cycled Lounge Chair and Ottoman Footstool.


To be used indoors or out, this chair and footstool sets the pace for repurposed style. Not to mention, they are safe for hardwood and carpet. Brake pads are added to the bottom to prevent floor scratching or snagging. Kick your feet up and ease back on these stretched tires, while comfortably enjoying a book in your man cave!

The ReCycler collection has other impressive pieces that will leave you in awe. View them all here and learn about their backstory!