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The perfect piece.

There is a tangible soul in a handmade piece of art or home decor. Story makes a piece more than beautiful. It makes it meaningful, significant, and truly owned. It is that personal connection with a rare or custom piece that transforms it from a decorative item into something that represents you and even becomes legacy.

Whether a work of art takes the form of a piece of ceramic, a piece of furniture, a painting, or something else entirely, its value is enhanced by its context. It is a genuine relationship between maker and market that inspires design vision, intellectual curiosity, an understanding of great craftsmanship, and an appreciation for the maker’s endeavor.

A piece of handcrafted decor may be masterfully designed and constructed. It may be objectively exquisite. But it is when that piece becomes apparent, understood, and desired by a discerning, mindful buyer that it becomes the perfect piece.

donjenna exists to discover these individuals, provide a platform to showcase their designs, help them to build a strong brand, and inspire quality buyers to purchase their works. We are committed to sourcing bespoke, exquisite, handcrafted home decor to elevate the level of artistic quality in the interior design world.

Please let us know if you would be interested in learning more about our selective artist program. Contact us at or call 404-213-9638.