Gifts for the Connoisseur, Sempli Glass with Maple Tray


Beautiful Heartwood Maple Tray with Sempli Glassware

These glasses will put you on the “A” list for the stylish host or hostess. A box set of Sempli handblown Italian glasses with a one of a kind Sapwood & Heartwood blended Maple tray.

If you appreciate the application of creating a perfect piece of wood; the maple was hand sanded up to 800 grit with wood grain being raised many times during course of sanding. The process of laying the grain back down, gave each board a natural and food safe glossy finish. Perfection in a wooden serving tray for the Sempli handblown glass.

The Sempli glass is unique as it does not lay flat and can “roll” without spilling. A definite party favorite and perfect for entertaining.

Each one-of-a-kind wooden tray has the option of either the Aperitif Glasses, Wine Glasses or Cocktail Glasses. Please email with any questions. These are in stock and can ship immediately.



  • MapleTray blended with Sapwood & Heartwood (one-of-a-kind tray)
  • Holds two Sempli glasses (shown here with 2 Sempli Aperitif glass)
  • The beautifully crafted tray is available with one of the following:
    • Box set of Aperitif Glasses (includes 4 glasses)
    • Box set of Cocktail Glasses (includes 2 glasses)
    • Box set of Wine Glasses (includes 2 glasses)
  • Both are handcrafted.
  • Please CONTACT us with any questions.



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