Moda Seafoam Oval Bowl


The natural contour of this bowl contrasts with its distinctive textural detail to blend with a modern or traditional setting. With emphasis on texture and form, the Moda collection makes a statement of sophisticated creativity. Singular platters and bowls and the ribbon-draped vase bring a touch of excitement to the buffet, dining or coffee table. The innovative designs were painstakingly captured by Italian artisans who also applied the intriguing sea foam glaze to make an ingenious object of beauty for your home. The unique process of creating the Moda collection is as innovative as the pieces themselves. The clay is texturized in a mold before it is shaped on the potter’s wheel to form a striking design and pattern. Each piece is then hand decorated with an original glaze inspired by the foam of the Mediterranean Sea.

20.5″L x 13″W x 6″H

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