Float Vase

Michelle Dziak Float Vase

One of a kind.

It is a rare thing to be completely in the moment, inviting the work in hand to direct decision and timing as opposed to heeding the incessant distraction of efficiency.  The Float Vase captures artist Michelle Dziak’s choice to allow the desire of the clay to speak for itself, untethered to demands of the clock.  Hand sculpted, wood fired. A raw clay surface with atmospheric glazing of fly ash enhances the form.

Created in Atlanta, GA

22.5″H  x  15″W  x 15″ L

Button Vase

Michelle Dziak Button Vase

A conversation in clay.

Holding Michelle Dziak’s clay work in your hand, you can feel the confluence of serendipity and intention; Each one sculpted in a balance of maker and attentiveness to the clay’s desire. Once the work takes shape, the dialog becomes one of fire and ash for six days of a wood stoked firing. The Button Vase nestles beautifully into your home, either displayed on its own or presenting a lovely bouquet.

Sculpted in Atlanta, GA

6.5″H  x  6″W  x  6″L


Calla Vase

Elegant Silhouette

Tracing a gorgeous line, the Calla Vase takes center stage in any room. Created in a dialog of time and artisan intent, Michelle Dziak sculpts each ceramic work uniquely, and delivers it through the choreography of a wood fired finale. In this case twice – just to get an extra layer of sumptuous ash glaze on the shoulders of this beauty.

Hand sculpted in Atlanta, GA

23″H  x  9″W  x 9″L