Inspiring Art, Inspiring Chandelier

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I recently discovered the sculptural lighting designer, Frederik Molenschot of the Netherlands. The flowing curves caught my attention with its organic shapes and color. The design was impressive to look at yet when I discovered it was cast in bronze I was smitten. Molenschot is best known for his cast bronze lighting structures; the exquisite attention to design detail, the fluidity of the bronze, the flawless craftsmanship. I have chosen my favorite light fixture, CITYLIGHT to show the degree of his casting bronze imagination.

Molenschot’s work is on permanent display at Huys, renovated, luxurious lofts located on 404 Park Avenue South in New York City in a collaboration with the Dutch contemporary design firm, Piet Boon.

Black Patinated Bronze, Polished Bronze, LED’s
H 200 / L 300 / W 200 (cm)
H 78.74 / L 118.11 / W 78.74 (inches)

Carpenters Workshop Gallery