10 Pieces That Pop With Color


Looking for some ways to turn up the color in your space? Get bold and experiment! Below is just a sample of items at Donjenna that enliven any interior.

1. Antica Firenze Roberto Footed Bowl in Verde

Roberto Footed Bowl Verde

Fortunata Fine Italian Ceramics produces breathtaking designs that merge classical forms with rustic details, tied together in warm, vibrant hues.

2. A+ Player Lounge Chair in Citron

A+ Player Lounge Chair

B. Pila’s line of fun luxury furniture gives your space a playful edge. The acrylic base of this bespoke lounger elevates its modern form.

3. Buon Appetito 5 Piece Place Setting in Sea Blue

Buon Appetito Sea Blue 5pc Place Setting

The Buon Appetito Series by Fortunata features bold designs softened by natural features, thanks to skilled artisan handiwork.

4. Neon S Floor Lamp

S Floor Lamp

On or off, a neon floor lamp injects fun and vitality into any space. The S Lamp above boasts pink and orange lights.

5. King Puck Wall Sculpture

King Puck Wall Sculpture

This tounge-in-cheek mounted wall sculpture by Stray Dog Design is a small detail that creates a delightful moment in a contemporary dwelling.

6. Lowery Metallic Linen Pillow

Lowery Metallic Linen PillowPiper Collection pillows feature metallic linen and unexpected textures in striking, youthful prints. The Lowery, seen above, is particularly stunning example.

7. Brandeis Blue Lounge Chair

Brandeis Blue Lounge Chair

This gorgeous structural armchair, in rich Brandeis blue velvet, adds gravitas without taking itself too seriously.

8. Ann Architectural Floor Lamp


The modern form of the Ann Architectural Floor Lamp elevates function into art. A bold red lampshade completes the look.

9. Acrylic X Bench in Tangerine


The airy Acrylic base of the X Bench makes the tufted tangerine cushion appear to float. Classical stylings and playful details make this piece fun and sophisticated.

10. Amber Cycled-Up Glass Pendant Light

Amber Cycled-Up Glass Pendant

Individually fired, hand-stacked rings create a unique pendant light. Artist Kathleen Plate uses recycled glass in her stunning, contemporary design.


donjenna is an exclusive source for bespoke and handcrafted art décor. We cross the globe to create partnerships with previously undiscovered artisans. From our robust e-commerce gallery, we display and sell superior quality modern and contemporary items to discerning interior designers, architectural firms, and consumers.

Rick Wittrig’s Fire Pits Warm The Soul

Bella Vita Fire Pit

There’s nothing quite like gathering outside around a roaring fire with great company. On a warm evening, a bonfire makes the party feel more intimate and inviting. On a cool evening, there’s absolutely nothing like it.

Imagine swapping stories, having a drink, and roasting marshmallows around one of these gorgeous, artisan-crafted fire pits.

Bella Vita Fire Pit

Bella Vita Fire Pit

Artist Rick Wittrig builds these beautiful fire pits out of quarter-inch thick steel, in order to withstand the extremes of fire and the great outdoors. The Bella Vita boasts a matte bowl with a polished base, creating a stunning object that will age gracefully.

The Scallop Fire Pit

Scallop Fire Pit

Each fire pit is individually signed and numbered by the artist, resulting in a unique art piece custom created for its new home. The Scallop Fire Pit features a iron oxide finish that will naturally darken over time.

Navigator Fire Pit

Navigator Fire Pit

Wittrig makes his fire pits no-maintenance by coating the interiors with high temperature resistant paint and incorporating a rainwater drain into all designs. The Navigator Fire Pit is just one of several models available, including custom work.

Barefoot Beach Fire Pit

Barefoot Beach Fire Pit

Like all of Wittrig’s pieces, the Barefoot Beach Fire Pit is lovingly cut by hand. Each fire pit is as unique as the home it occupies.

Third Rock Fire Pit

Third Rock Fire Pit

The variety of fire pit styles available from Wittrig’s workshop means they can be incorporated into any outdoor space. The Third Rock Fire Pit stands at just over three feet tall and weigh less than 300 lbs, making it relatively substantial but easy to move around.


The above sampling of firepits, available exclusively at Donjenna, only scratch the surface of what is possible. Our online store features over a dozen different designs. As always, pieces can be customized just for you. Browse all of our breathtaking offerings here.