MA! Talks: The Smart City Model Panel Discussion

Atlanta Beltline with Ryan Gravel with MA!

Modern Atlanta (MA!) Design is Human, a 13 day conference celebrating Atlanta as a locus of modern design, continues through the end of the week.

A highlight of 2016’s offerings of talks, tours, and workshops, is a panel discussion on The Smart City Model, a sustainable urban methodology that focuses on social, economic, environmental, and cultural values.

The Atlanta BeltLine, one of the City’s most dramatic revitalization projects.

Moderated by Susan Szenasy of Metropolis Magazine, it features Ryan Gravel of Sixpitch and City of Atlanta Design Initiative, Amy Chester of Rebuild by Design, and Jarel Portman of Founding Principal/JPX Works.

Modern design has had an impact on the changing landscape of urban planning.  Specifically, the urban planning process is informed by similar values within modern design, particularly ones regarding connections: to other humans, to the environment, and to our sense of place. Continue reading