All About Hair on Hide

Tibetan Wool Ottoman

Furniture featuring Hair on Hide is unmistakable with its sumptuous texture and unique look, without a doubt the result of artisan craftsmanship. The techniques used to preserve an animal’s natural fur and skin for various uses have been developed and perfected since ancient times, with the earliest known piece of leather footwear dating back to 3,500 BCE.

Animal pelts are carefully cleaned and treated using a process known as tanning. Tanning reformats the protein structure of the leather in order to keep it preserved. In order to create Hair on Hide leather, artisans must select the highest quality animal skin, as the hair must remain attached for the tanning process.

The beautiful leather produced is ideal for upholstery.  Its natural look invites touch, creating the opportunity for a sensory experience. In particular, contemporary Hide on Hair furniture provides an unexpected twist on an otherwise classic form.

A+ Player Lounge Chair

When paired with acrylic accents, the effect is sleek and modern. The A+ Player Lounge chair, from B. Pila’s line of fun luxury furniture, adds an enticing layer of complexity on an iconic form.

Tibetan Wool Ottoman

Elegantly carved horse hooves on this Tibetan Lamb ottoman from VanCollier give this design a sense of humor. The wild, kinky hair provides texture, visual interest, and an organic shape.

The Wildebeest OttomanThe Springbok Ottoman

The Wildebeest and Springbok Ottomans preserve the natural lines and details from the animal’s pelt. The wild look provides a stark contrast with the simple cube shape. The Kudu Ottoman, pictured below, even preserves the tail.

The Kudu Ottoman

Hair on Hide furniture makes a bold statement. Its accompanying details can allow the material itself to take center stage, like in the featured items above. Acrylic in particular lends itself to this purpose. Other applications allow Hair on Hide to become more of an accent to the overall piece.


The classic X Bench form, rendered in acrylic, gives a striking contrast to the hide cushion with brass studs. The overall affect is alluring and eye-catching.

Queen of Hearts Chair

The Queen of Hearts Chair, courtesy of B. Pila again, seamlessly blends Hair on Hide into the leather back and blonde wood legs, giving the piece cohesiveness but providing additional interest to the discerning eye.

Hair on hide furniture is certainly a daring choice, but flexible to be the main focal point or simply contribute to the overall atmosphere in a contemporary space. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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