What Turns Strangers Into Friends?

Sempli Rocks with Campari Modern Art

What is it exactly that bridges the gap between someone you don’t know very well and a dear loved one?

It’s the time you spend together– laughing, telling stories, eating and drinking around the table– that creates memories and meaning.

Quality time is the essential ingredient in fostering the connections we have with people. One of the best ways to create an occasion between friends and family is by sharing a drink or preparing a meal.

How do you show your friends and family how you feel this holiday season?

Donjenna has just what you’re looking for.

Sempli Rocks Tray Incantur with Campari

Pictured above is the Sempli Spirits Incanter and Cocktail glasses, resting elegantly on a hand-carved wooden drink holder by artist Nathaniel Lesch-Huie.

Maple sapwood and heartwood creates the tray’s breathtaking woodgrain detail.

Sempli glassware, paired with the natural form of Lesch-Huie’s drink server, creates an occasion to eat, drink, and be merry together.

Glassware sets make a great gifts because it says that you want to spend time with someone. “Have a drink with me,” it says.

It communicates that you want abundance in the recipient’s life: an abundance of company, love, and good times.

Sempli Rocks with Campari Modern Art

Above is the Ambrosia Maple drink server and Sempli Cocktail glasses ready with Campari. Note the beetle drill holes left in the wood. Not an imperfection, but a feature keeping us connected to the source of these beautiful objects.

Sempli products and Lesch-Huie’s wooden trays are made with love, care, and attention to detail. Both have endearing qualities about them that make them unique, unlike any other re-creation. Each iteration is special.

They are made for a specific function and beautiful at the same time.  Like art, they all nourish the soul on different levels.

Sempli Apertif Incantur with Lillet

The Spirits Incanter and Apertif glasses, pictured above, give you the opportunity to showcase your own cocktail creation, paired handsomely with the Ambrosia maplewood drink server.

Artisan made kitchenware is absolutely complimentary to delicious cocktails, fine wine, and great conversation.

Whether family and friends are far-flung or just down the street, any time set aside to share with loved ones becomes a special occasion.

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