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Up-Cycled Occasional Lounge Chair

The beauty of repurposed materials in home décor such as elegant benches and glass light pendants

Upcycling is the process of repurposing existing materials, rather than manufacturing new ones, in order to create an entirely new product with added value. Like recycling, this process reduces waste by keeping sturdy materials like metal, glass, rubber, and vinyl out of landfills and put to good use again.

With roots in the artistic tradition of found objects, upcycling has always been an intentional choice by the artist. It elevates the purpose and status of items typically considered trash. As a result, artist and patron can both participate in a political statement in support of environmentally sound practices.

The artisan craftsmanship inherent in these pieces is unmistakable. Rather than hiding the “old life” of scrap materials, they are thoughtfully reimagined as the centerpiece. The stories that accompany upcycled products are more evident, as the creative adaptations of materials are prominently featured.

Exclusively at Donjenna, we have a fabulously curated section of products that proudly feature this unique process. From tables and benches to glass light pendants to other lighting fixtures, these pieces add an unexpected element to your space while keeping the overall style light and contemporary. Check out some key pieces below.


Up-cycled Tread Bench

The Recycler’s Tread Bench uses bicycle rims, sprockets, and heavy duty tire tread to create a one-of-a-kind outdoo r bench. Browse more of his stunning designs here.

Glass Light Pendants

Artist Kathleen Plate composes each elegant glass pendant light by hand using recycled glass.

Cyclasurous Dinosaur Desk Sculpture

This whimsical dinosaur desk sculpture, fashioned from bicycle chains, is another hit from The Recycler.


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Kathleen Plate

Kathleen Plate on

Kathleen PlateFor Kathleen Plate there is nothing more exciting than finding beauty in the unexpected.

Kathleen challenges people to look beyond the ordinary by transforming everyday beer and wine bottles into runway acclaimed jewelry and lighting. Viewing the world to be limitless in its opportunities, the Atlanta based designer never stops creating, reinventing, and inspiring others to do the same.

The techniques and materials minimize the impact upon the environment, yet maximize its impact on the people who wear it. It is Kathleen’s hope that her designs will raise a consciousness about the small choices people can make in their daily lives, which will inevitably inspire environmentally responsible choices on a much larger scale. “It’s easy for advocates to live green, but I love it when an everyday person will try to make a small change for the greater good.”