Fortunata Fine Italian Ceramics

Casa Mia Salad Plate

Fortunata Fine Italian Ceramics is the brainchild of Margaret Frazer Proctor, a southern born tastemaker with a penchant for European flair informed by her love of international travel and classic decor. Her background in fashion and upscale merchandising gave her the expertise to turn Fortunata into the boutique brand it is today.

Fortunata has a fresh, modern take on the time-honored Italian ceramic tradition. In a collaboration with storied designer Adriano Tolomei, Fortunata produced the Casa Mia and Buon Appetito dinnerware collections. Tuscan ceramic techniques, lively colors, and natural forms combine to create the distinctive quality of Fortunata ceramic pieces.

Each piece starts with the highest quality clays, thrown by artisan hands, then individually glazed to give each work of art its own texture and character. In your home, these beautiful, functional objects feel like family heirlooms ablaze with new life.

Photo by Smith Cameron Photography