5 Reasons Why Donjenna’s Fire Pits Are A Must-Have This Fall

Third Rock Fire Pit

With fall approaching and temperatures dropping, gather around the one thing that will still keep you warm while outdoors.

We’ve seen fire pits in history books, during camping trips, and in our favorite movies and TV shows. In recent years, the use of fire pits has become more common. So, why are they a must-have for the fall?

Magnum Fire Pit

They are stylish, easy to maintain, transportable, safe, and they make the perfect gift!

Fire-pits were used thousands of years ago by historic cultures all over the world. Large holes were dug into the ground to help contain fire. It was used to provide warmth, assist with cooking, and for holding rituals or ceremonies. The pits eventually evolved to the portable sized bowls we know today. But the name never changed, and neither did its function.


                                                                               No Need For A Fireplace           Fleur de Lis Fire Pit

 Fire-pits are a great alternative for people who do not have fireplaces. It’s also perfect for those that would love to take their fireplace outdoors. You are still allowed the luxury of roasting marshmallows, sipping on wine, or reading a book, all with the fire blazing in the background. The only trouble is deciding whether to watch the sunset or whether to stare at the moon until morning.

Barefoot Beach Fire Pit


There are fire pits to fit all of your style needs. They come in many shapes and sizes, and can be very simple or extremely fancy. It can be a major statement piece, like the 700 lb. handmade Africa Big Five fire pit or unique like the petite, globe styled Third Rock fire pit. No matter what your desire, there are various options that will surely satisfy you.

Durable and Transportable

Africa’s Big 5 Fire Pit

Though transportable, some fire pits are very heavy. They are made out of carbon steel, and can range anywhere from 100 pounds to ½ a ton. Do not let those numbers deter you, many fire pits can be moved. Once it has served its purpose, it can be placed back into the garage, stored in the backyard, or disassembled (depending on the style), until next time. Fire-pits are designed for years of heavy use and require no maintenance.

Longhorn Fire Pit

Great Gift

Looking for the perfect housewarming gift? Can’t seem to think of something good enough for your husband’s man cave? Need to spruce up the backyard parties? These fire pits are it. On Donjenna, fire pits start at $790… and are worth the investment. They can be coupled with a few accessories to ensure the experience is complete.

Wings of Flight Firewood Holder


Fire pits are easy to maintain, stylish, and make amazing gifts, but most importantly, they are safe. Basic fire safety rules apply to these fire-pits. They must be used in appropriate weather conditions and it’s advised that a fire pit is located at least ten feet away from structures for safety.

All fire pits on Donjenna are made from one-quarter inch thick carbon steel. The interior is coated with a high temperature resistant paint and has a 1-1/2″ rain drain in the bottom. Over time the iron oxide finish/patina on the outside will darken then become permanent.

Check out some of these stylish fire pits and don’t forget to pick up this fall’s must-have!

The World of Interiors Sept 2015

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We are honored to offer a sneak preview of one of the many artisan lighting available at donjenna.com through the World of Interiors September 2015 issue.

Donjenna offers cutting edge artisan décor. Always evolving, inspiring function and design.

Featured is “Cycled-Up” pendant lighting in stacked amber glass and a satin nickel finish on steel.

Amber Cycled-Up Glass Pendant
Amber Cycled-Up Glass Pendant



World of Interiors Design Report Sept 2015
World of Interiors Design Report Sept 2015


Pendant Light
World of Interiors Sept 2015 issue



Inspiring Art, Inspiring Chandelier

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I recently discovered the sculptural lighting designer, Frederik Molenschot of the Netherlands. The flowing curves caught my attention with its organic shapes and color. The design was impressive to look at yet when I discovered it was cast in bronze I was smitten. Molenschot is best known for his cast bronze lighting structures; the exquisite attention to design detail, the fluidity of the bronze, the flawless craftsmanship. I have chosen my favorite light fixture, CITYLIGHT to show the degree of his casting bronze imagination.

Molenschot’s work is on permanent display at Huys, renovated, luxurious lofts located on 404 Park Avenue South in New York City in a collaboration with the Dutch contemporary design firm, Piet Boon.

Black Patinated Bronze, Polished Bronze, LED’s
H 200 / L 300 / W 200 (cm)
H 78.74 / L 118.11 / W 78.74 (inches)

Carpenters Workshop Gallery