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A+ Player Lounge Chair


The B. Pila Design duo is about freedom. The brand encourages freedom to explore, to be yourself, to use spaces however the heart desires, and freedom from rigid movements and strict interpretations.

From their beginnings as a design studio, Bea and Gabby Pila, mother and daughter, evolved B Pila into fabricating their singular designs and publishing “Sacred Spaces for Inspired Living”, a book espousing their original design philosophy.

B Pila’s line of furniture and accessories is fully realized as fun luxury, fitting in neatly with their ethos of boundless ideas and unbridled creativity. Their bespoke furnishings reinterpret classic ideas and feature pleasantly unexpected combinations of materials and textures, all while displaying an effortless whimsy.

Fire Pit Art by Rick Wittrig


There is nothing better than sitting by a fire on a cool evening roasting marshmallows with family and friends.

Fire Pit Art was born at such a gathering when Rick realized he could make something bigger, better and stronger vs the tiny store bought brand his family was huddling around.

Rick Wittrig has created steel fire pit designs that will naturally last a lifetime using 1/4-in. thick carbon steel. All fire pits have a natural iron oxide patina on the outside which will darken a little with time then become permanent. The inside is coated with a high temperature resistant paint and each design has a rain drain in the bottom.

His designs have been showcased during the Vancouver Winter Olympics, hotels, restaurants & lodges from Australia to Europe. Each Fire Pit is individually tagged and numbered by the Artist.

Bella Vita Fire Pit

Bella Vita Fire Pit